Magic Formula to your WOW Personal Brand


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This Personal Branding course has been designed and created for female business owners who:
  • a) are not well informed and guided by their photographers on what they need to do during their photoshoot session (posing, connecting with the camera, etc)
  • b) want to know how to get the WOW FACTOR in their photographs (standing out from the competition with my MAGIC FORMULA).
  • c) want to know the type of pictures needed for their personal brand.
  • d) want to be the best version of themselves in their branding photos.
  • e) want to understand what personal branding is about.
  • f) are committed to dedicating their work/ time and effort to prepare themselves prior to a photoshoot.
  • g) want to know what to wear.
  • h) want to know where they can use their branding photos in their marketing.
  • i) want to know how to create a visionboard.
PS: This course is NOT MEANT for photographers. Male business owners are also welcome to learn from this course. However, the videos on posing might not be relevant. But that should not stop you, as a male business owner, from learning the skills to brand yourself for your customers.
If you have any questions about the course, please contact me via before buying this course.

Course Content:

Introduction Video
Preparing yourself for a WOW Personal Branding photoshoot (1 min 12 secs)
Module 1 (Personal Branding)
Chapter 1 –  What is Personal Branding? (1 min 46 secs) – PDF worksheet included
Chapter 2-  Who needs Personal Branding? (1 min) – PDF worksheet included
Chapter 3 – Why is Personal Branding important (3 mins 22 secs) – PDF worksheet included
Chapter 4 –  Difference between Personal Branding and Business Portrait (44 secs)
Module 2 (Pre-photoshoot preparation):
Chapter 1 –  Pre-photoshoot preparation Part 1 (2 mins 26 secs) – PDF checklist included
Chapter 2 –  Pre-photoshoot preparation Part 2 (6 mins 5 secs) – PDF worksheet included
Chapter 3 – Pre-photoshoot preparation Part 3 (2 mins 04 secs) – PDF checklist included
Chapter 4 – Pre-photoshoot preparation Part 4 (1 min 18 secs) – PDF checklist included
Chapter 5 – Pre-photoshoot preparation Part 5 (3 mins 28 secs) – PDF file included
Module 3 (Photoshoot & posing):
Chapter 1 – My photoshoot process (2 mins 1 sec)
Chapter 2 – Warm-up exercises (52 secs) – PDF checklist included
Chapter 3 – Posing hands (face) (1 min 36 secs)
Chapter 4 – Posing hands (crossing arms) (1 min 19 secs)
Chapter 5 – Posing hands (side) (50 secs)
Chapter 6 – Posing (sitting) (2 mins 17 secs)
Chapter 7 – Posing (standing and look slimmer) (49 secs)
Chapter 8 – VOGUE pose (1 min 17 secs)
Chapter 9 – THE MAGIC FORMULA (2 mins 28 secs)
Module 4 (Photographs):
Chapter 1 – Type of photographs needed for Personal Branding (2 mins 53 secs) – PDF checklist included
Chapter 2 – Where to use your Personal Branding photographs (4 mins 31 secs) – PDF checklist included
Module 5
Course recap (2 mins 15 secs)
Module 6 (The end)
Thank you video (43 secs)
Bonus video: 
Video – How to create your vision board
PDF – Complimentary online consultation with me
PDF – Let’s Get Naked (BOOK)


Total video watch time: about 45 mins
Homework: It depends how much time you are committed to this. Most of your time will be spent on Module 2.
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