About Herman Chow

My name is Herman Chow, aka Your Fairy Godmother. I was born and bred in Singapore and I currently live in The Netherlands.

As a photographer, I have heard of every excuse you can imagine and it’s usually coming from a woman – I look too old, I’m not good enough, I have too many wrinkles, I’m not ready yet, I need to lose 20kg before I can be photographed.

Every woman wants to be the best version of herself, but many do not think highly enough of themselves to be photographed.

Your customers do not care how fat or how old you are. All they want is to see you, to connect with you, to get to know you better before they decide to work with you. So, please do your customers a huge favour by stepping out of your shell and start positioning yourself as the leader in your industry.

Remember, Your Face Is The Marketplace.

Your Fairy Godmother

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You deserve a photographer who brings the best out of you, someone who can put your personality into your images. We only photograph businessowners who are real, embrace change and share our core values.

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