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About Herman Chow

My name is Herman Chow.  I was born in Singapore but I am now based in The Netherlands.

As a portrait photographer, I have heard of every excuse you can imagine. And it’s usually coming from a woman, from a mother: “No, no, no, do not photograph me, just photograph my children or someone else.”

What would you do one day if your children and loved ones start looking for pictures of you, and what can they find? Nothing, because most women will hide behind the camera.

Every woman wants to be the best version of herself and wants a beautiful portrait, however, they do not value themselves enough to be photographed.

“One of these days, I’m going to do a photo shoot when I have the time”………we all say that.  Months pass………….then years………..nothing happened. Most women have this distorted idea about the way they should look, thus refuse to stand in front of the camera.

I love what Will Smith said in his movie, “Collateral Beauty.” 

We are all here to connect —> Love, Death & Time. These 3 things connect every single human being on earth.  We all long for love. We wish we had more time, and we fear death.  And not many people are comfortable to talk about death.

We tend to take things for granted, don’t we?  And we certainly do not want to get to a point where there’s a deadline in life.  Until there’s a deadline, nobody takes actions.  It’s only when some sort of bad things happen to our family (example: someone whom you love dearly passes away), we start to look for photos of that person. 

I lost my father to a sudden heart attack 30 years ago and one of the deepest regrets I have in life to date is the fact that I do not have any pictures taken together with him, printed in paper, that I could remember or hold on to. That’s when I started to understand my “why” (why I do what I love now).  In 2016,  I decided to turn my hobby into my own portrait photography business, with the main focus being you, the customer. 

Allow me to help you to create lifelong portrait memories so that you and your family can cherish for years and generations to come. Life is too short to stress over your body image all the time.

Apart from photography, I enjoy travelling, music, good company and great food.

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