Photography is an art of observation. It has little things to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them … Elliot Erwitt

As soon as your booking is confirmed, we will schedule an in-person consultation in our studio.

During the consultation, we will discuss details about your photo shoot, wardrobe, makeup, to your favourite nail polish colour.

On the day of your photo shoot, you will be introduced to your make artist.

We will discuss how you want your hair and makeup to be done to your needs.

This is the moment to sit back, relax, and be pampared.

After your hair/makeup is done, it will be time for your photo shoot.

During the photo shoot session, you will be guided by me on poses and connection.

We will help you to feel confident, relax and feel like a celebrity for the day.

There will be about 4 sets of wardrobe changes.

About 10 days after your photo shoot, you are invited back to the studio to see your images. This is the “Reveal & Order”  session.

During this session, you are welcome to buy any of our products/prints.

We are confident that you will walk away with beautiful images you can cherish for a long time.



Due to the nature of “Herman Chow Portraits”, please do not bring children younger than 16 years old to the studio.

We photograph children 16 years and older .


Please do not bring any children or guest to the “Reveal and Order” Session. This is a day all about you and we want to avoid any distraction or awkwardness during the session. 

Please prepare about an hour for the “Reveal & Order Session.”

You can order the products only during this session.


Please notify us at least 48 hours prior to your photo shoot. A rescheduled appointment can be made only once. If a second re-schedule date is needed, a new photo session fees will be charged.


Where are you based?

Our studio is located at “De Lairessestraat 147, 1075 HJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands”

How much is your photo shoot?

We offer 2 different packages for “Personal Branding”  and “Makeover”  photo sessions.

Please contact us to receive your price menu ( 

Alternatively, please fill out the contact form to receive more information about the photo shoots, our products, price menu.

How do I pay for the session fees?

Please pay the session fees in full by bank transfer upon booking. Once the payment is received, we will schedule your in-person consultation.

Please be informed that the photo session fees are non-refundable.

Do you provide hair & makeup?

Yes, hair & makeup are included in your session fee.

Do you provide wardrobe?

We have a few gowns in the studio and you are more than welcome to put them on for the photo session.

I would also like you to bring your own wardrobe & accessories to the studio. We will discuss in detail about the styling during your consultation.

Why is the consultation done in the studio?

This is the time for us to get to know each other, and for you to see my studio and beautiful products. That is why the consultation is done in the studio so that we can discuss how we can help you with your dream shoot.

Do you do family portraits?

I do, but not with children under the age of 16.

What type of products do you offer?

We offer 2 products at the moment:

  1. Folio box with prints 
  2. Wall portraits

* Any product you purchase will include a corresponding digital file.

Do you sell digital files?

No, I don’t. If you are just looking for digital files, I am not the right photographer for you.

* I only offer digital files for Personal Branding Session.

Do I receive refunds for cancellation?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for any cancellation of the photo shoot. However, if the cancellation is initiated from our end prior to the photo shoot, we will refund you the session fees.

One new re-scheduled appointment is allowed. If a second re-scheduled appointment is requested, a new photo session fee will apply.

How do I order & pay for the prints/products?

During the “Reveal & Ordering Session”, you can buy any of our products. 

If you like the images, you are welcome to buy them. If you do not like what you see, you do not have to buy them. It is entirely up to you.

Please pay the full amount for the prints/products by bank transfer on the day of the “Reveal & Ordering Session”.

Production of products will only take place after receipt of full payment.

Please allow about 3 weeks for wall portraits, and 4 weeks for folio boxes.

The “Reveal & Order Session”  is the only time you can order the prints/products.

How do I receive my prints/products?

Please collect all products from our studio. You will be informed as soon as they are ready for collection.

Do you offer payment plans

Unfortunately not at this moment. We will be looking into this option in the future.